Black Girl White Boy Love
Ice Cream

At work one rainy day, a group of white girls with one black girl came in. Soon after, a group of hot white guys came in. None were dressed for the rain since Michigan is known for bipolar weather. So they were soaked and you see could the guys’ muscles through their shirts. It was heavenly. They looked like models! Turns out none of the girls wanted ice cream and neither did the guys. They just wanted to get out of the rain.

To end the silence in the store, the black girl got up and ordered. All eyes were on her, and the guys were definitely whispering. It was like a movie. The groups basically bore holes in each other when one group wasn’t looking. Once the girls finished the ice cream, the black girl left the table to throw away the bowl and slipped and fell by the trash in front of the guys and some other customers. She was so embarrassed! I felt so bad for her and so did her friends. As I was about to go out to put up the wet floor sign, one of the guys, who looked like Zero from the Hit The Floor, grabbed some napkins from the tables helped her up and wiped her off. The moment he did that, the rain stopped and the sun came out (LIKE A DAMN MOVIE!).

They sat together at another table and talked for hours! The groups ended up talking to each other and leaving them because they stayed and talked for so long. Being nosy I decided I’d do “Lobby Check” to hear their conversation fully. They were asking each other questions, listening to each others playlists, showing pictures, just everything cute you could think of. He asked her on a date and they shared numbers. The guy was glowing! Then he told her to call one of her friends to pick her up. He waited with her, said his goodbyes, and left cheesing super duper hard! Her friend was asking all types of questions and the girl answered and glowed just talking about him.

They came back to the ice cream store around the beginning of the month and were officially dating. They ordered and sat at the same table as before. They come in every couple of weeks, get a different ice cream, and share it. They are amazing.

ternesha said:
I love to see other interracial couples as happy as I am with my boyfriend. 💜


Black Girl White Boy Love