Black Girl White Boy Love
My Very Lucky Brother

Earlier this winter, I was visiting my parents in the northeast. During my visit, my mother slipped on some ice after church one Sunday morning and dislocated her right shoulder. My father called me from the hospital to tell me what happened, and mentioned that my brother was already there. On my way to the hospital, I decided to stop in the hospital gift shop down in the main lobby to cheer my mother up with a stuffed toy. As I started towards the register, I noticed a very pretty black girl with beautiful dark skin looking at the get well cards. When I approached her on my way to the register, she gave me a big beautiful smile, and I smiled back. Since my mother was not in any life or death emergency, I didn’t think it would hurt to spend a few minutes talking with her. She was very friendly and said that she was trying to pick out a nice card for her boyfriend’s mother who had slipped on some ice earlier that day. My heart practically stopped! It took about 2 seconds for me to realize that she must be my brother’s girlfriend. Sure enough, she is! We went up to the 4th floor in the elevator together and shared a good laugh with my family. I felt a twinge of guilt at first, but how was I supposed to know who she was? Now I just feel jealous of my brother. In spite of our mother’s injury, I swear that he has never looked so happy in his life! - Matt C.

lyricalygold3n said:
I have kinda huge love/hate relationship with your blog lol. Your blog is beautiful and very much the highlight of my day, even though sometimes it may be bittersweet :-)

I hope it’s more sweet than bitter :)

liberaloeh said:
Amazing blog 😀😀😊. Keep the good work 👌✨✨✨😘

Thanks :D

Black Girl White Boy Love